4" x 7.5" x (1"+1") Clear/Clear 8oz Standup Pouch 8" Impulse Sealer TISH-205-NX Pandemic Surgical Mask Clear/Kraft Reclosable Pouch
Premium AluminumCoffee Bags Net Roll 12" wide x 2,000' Green KRAFT MEDIUM BOX POUCH ( ZIP ) W/ WINDOW
Net Roll 12" wide x 2,000' Green
List Price: $36.00
: $36.00
List Price: $255.80
: $255.80
Sale Price: $230.22

PCET-2A3 Automatic Liquid Form Fill & Seal Machine

Automatically forms a 3-Side Sealed Bag

Great for Sauces, Sauce Packets, Ketchup Packets, Honey, Hot Sauce, Icicles, 

Alcoholic Icicles, Hand Sanitizer, Gels, Juices, and much more!

MAX Pouch Size: 2.5" wide x 6" long

Speed: About 10-12 per minute (depending on volume and product)

External Air Required: 3hp, 30 gallons

Dimensions: 80cm x 45cm x 135cm

Clear Films in Stock and Printed Films Available. Artwork is FREE!!

Ribbon Coder for Expiration Date, Lot# is Optional

Automatic Weighing/Filling & Packing for free flow powders, granules, bakery products, irregular objects, as well as liquids like icicles, juices, and sauces. Each Model is custom-tailored to your product. Call 305-887-1713 Today for more information

Band Sealer

One of the Most Important Aspects of a Flexible Pouch is its Ability to be Heat-Sealed.  This enables the Product inside the Package to be Protected against the elements such as oxygen, moisture, as well as acting as a Tamper-Evidence.  Packaging Center has a variety of sealers that come with our Standard One-Year Warranty, as well as all the parts in stock.

Stainless Steel Body 

Fast Speed 

Little Maintenance Required 

One-Year Warranty 

Voltage: 115V  60Hz  500W  

Temperature: 300°C (570°F) 

Max Film Thickness: 50-200 Microns (2 Mil - 8 Mil)  

Sealing Width: 12mm   

Speed: 12 Meters/Min Max